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GetResponse Autoreponder Review Video

Many people have been asking me lately what email software I use to communicate with my customers.  I have tried several different ones over the past few years, but the one that I have been the most satisfied with is GetResponse. GetResponse Vs. Aweber GetResponse is considered to be one of the two top auto…

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List Building, GetResponse

List Building – Free and Paid Methods To Building Your List Fast-Part 1

List Building If you ever want to make a living marketing online, then you need to have people to sell to.  It has often been said by top internet marketers that List Building is your biggest asset.  That is, building a list of potential customers. But I believe that just having a list isn’t enough.…

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Business Cards

How To Easily Create Awesome Business Cards and Other Graphics Using The Business Card Creator – Review

Have you ever needed some great ideas on a business card design or other graphics, but what was available left a lot to be desired? Yeah, me too. That is why I am writing this review, “How To Easily Create Awesome Business Cards and Other Graphics Using The Business Card Creator – Review.” In my…

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How to fix closed comments

WordPress Comments are closed, I can’t open WordPress Comments!

WordPress Comments are closed, I can’t open WordPress Comments! Have you ever had this happen to you?  You finish a long blog post with lots of great content and you ask people to comment when they finished reading your post.  Then you wait, and wait, and wait for the notification that someone posted a comment.…

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Google Keyword Planner Tool

Niche Research and Finding A Domain Name

Niche Research and How To Find A Domain Name   If you are new to internet marketing, your first task is to determine what niche you want to focus on.  Many people have trouble with this, as did I.  This is why niche research is so important. It really is not that hard to do.…

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Get focused

Success Through The Power of Focus!

Do you get easily distracted from your goals? Yeah, me too. It is a daily struggle with me. Ever since I started this blog, staying focused on this has been really difficult, especially since I don’t have a lot of experience as a writer. I like it when I feel I have something of value…

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CC BY by ricksare

Are You Getting Sidetracked From Your Goal?

Well…it happened again! If you read my last post back in March, I was on the path of creating an online journal of my experiences with a coaching program I had signed up for. I was so motivated to stick to my goal, but somehow I got side-tracked yet again! One of the things that…

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Blog around world pic 273_8

Week 5: Networking with other bloggers and applying for Adsence

Hello again!  I am back again already with another post on my training progress.  If you are new to my blog, I have been involved in a coaching program that teaches how to build a successful internet marketing business.  If you missed the previous 4 weeks, you may want to start at week 1 so…

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Week 4: How To Link Social Media To Your Blog!

Welcome back!  Even though I am a little behind on my internet marketing blog, I will spend the next couple of days catching up.  I am now working on week 6 of the coaching that I am attending.  It has taken a lot of time to keep up with the weekly training and doing work…

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email img_02

Week 3: Getting Started Building Your First Mailing List!

This week’s lesson is probably the most important single thing you will do in internet marketing – building your list.  Why is building your list so important?  Without a list you have no business.  When you have built a huge mailing list, it is like being able to print money at the push of a…

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