Month: September 2018

Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge: My Dream Lifestyle

This weeks challenge is less technical, but involves more deep thinking. Dean asked us this week to come up with what our dream lifestyle would be like. How much money would we want to make to achieve that lifestyle? After really thinking about this, it is really tough to put this into words. At the time of this writing, I am 56 years old. It is tough to imagine an extravagant dream lifestyle at this stage of my life.

My Experience With Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge: Week

My personal experience after joining Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge 2018. This is a 5 week group coaching program on how to get started making income on-line. This is the first of a series of posts documenting what I learn in this program. The first “Challenge” involves getting a domain, hosting, installing WordPress, and making a first post. I was ahead of the game since I already had my blog set up. This post completes my first challenge.

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