Are You Getting Sidetracked From Your Goal?

Well…it happened again! If you read my last post back in March, I was on the path of creating an online journal of my experiences with a coaching program I had signed up for. I was so motivated to stick to my goal, but somehow I got side-tracked yet again!

One of the things that I think is so challenging in this internet marketing world is to stay focused on your goal and not look at all of the shiny objects that come along. For me it has been nearly impossible to avoid because I do not want to miss out on any cool new programs, software, or technology.

I have been advised by some of the big gurus to unsubscribe myself off of everyone’s list so that I don’t get distracted. Its kind of funny when you purchase a program, such as coaching, then they say to focus on that program and do not buy anyone else’s until you finish it and taken action on it. Since you are on that person’s list, obviously they are going to continue marketing to you with lots of other irresistible stuff, that it makes it very difficult to ignore.

They can’t help that since usually they do not separate you into the “purchased and do not send me any more offers” category! Even today I am being bombarded with new offers, but there comes a point where you have more than enough tools to do almost anything you need to do with internet marketing. One positive aspect of getting all of these offers is learning how the best of the best is doing it! It really gives you a good idea of the style and methods that are being used, from the sales pages and funnels to the quality of their videos. Some of the best out there are John Thornhill, Omar Martin, Ryan Deiss, Jason Fladlein, Marc Milburn, and others that I cannot think of at the moment.

Bottom line, there are a lot of great teachers to help you get on the right track in this business, and hopefully soon I will be in a position to be one of those guys to help you learn from my mistakes. Originally when I started this blog, I had started a coaching program with a well-known guru, which in all fairness, will remain nameless for now.

I started his coaching program with great intentions and started to document my progress, then life and distractions got in the way and was forced to cancel the program, since I was making a monthly payment and could no longer afford to continue. His training program was really good and I regret having to cancel…shame on me for not hanging in there! I am the one that loses big time – not him. I hope to do business with him in the future because he is that good! Oh, what the heck, it doesn’t do any good to leave his name out of this, so I will finally reveal his name…John Thornhill. Sorry John, you are one of the good and honest guys in this business…hope to get back with you in the future.

Having said that, even though I fell down, I got back on the horse and signed up for another coaching program that I could somewhat afford. So now I am going to continue my blog journal and pick up where I left off.

Guess what happened again? Yeah, shortly after signing up for this new coaching program, which I will name sometime in the future, I got side-tracked again! Damn those offers! I will try to stay focused on this one for at least a little while 🙂

Have you had the same challenges as me, and if yes, how did you get back on track and avoid distractions?

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