Jacksonville, FL Hair Show Featuring Anthony Edge, Monday, November 18, 2013


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I have been working on bringing a quality hair show to Jacksonville for awhile  now and all of the pieces are starting to fall into place.  The show will be featuring one of the most sought after platform stylists in the world, Anthony Edge, Label m USA Artistic Director.  Since Anthony will be just coming back from London Fashion Week, he will be focusing on new cuts and styles for 2014.

I am also going to bring in another great talent to the show, Paul Smith, Kaaral USA’s Education Director.  Kaaral is in the midst of launching a brand new color technology to the US called, Maraes.  Utilizing Maraes with Paul’s color talent, coupled with Anthony’s creative cutting and styling, this will be a show not to be missed!

For the beauty industry, shows that late in the year are very rare..  I wanted to make this event extra special by having it in a special venue, The Alhambra Dinner Theater. Since the mid-50’s, the Alhambra has been the entertainment destination in Jacksonville for a quality dinner and show experience.

Most recently, the Alhambra has been fully renovated by its new owner.  Previously, dinner was served buffet style with pretty much the same menu from show-to-show, and the quality of food sometimes suffered.  Dinner is now a quality 3 course meal served at the table.  A new chef with over 20 years experience was hired to maintain high quality standards with varied menus for each show.

To see the web page I created for the event, click on the following:


Tickets for this event will be only $55 per person, which Includes dinner!  This is for professional stylists only! If interested in attending this event, please call 904-710-1988 after looking over the show info from the link above.  Tickets are selling fast since you can choose your table, so this is not like other shows where you wait ’til the last minute.  I am selling this show much like a concert, first come = Best Seats and Best Price!

Prices good through September 30th, 2013. Hope to see you there!

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    1. I love the idea of YouTube next up Vlogger, especially because thats where youtube started and these people post the most cosinstently and have the most engaged audiences. Also, open it up to non partners.

    2. Kiva kun kiinnostuit, se tosin on vielä niin raakile, ettei siitä mitään voi kertoa. Kustantajaa ei ole, enkä tiedä vielä milloin se valmistuu, todennäköisesti enne kuin täytän 33. Kerron kuitenkin että etsin tahoa joka tahtoisi rahoittaa täysipäiväisen kirjoittamiseni, jotta se joskus valmistuisi 😉

    3. Hi Jo – thanks for your comment, and I appreciate your positive feedback on my blog. Your log project is a lovely example of how taking a balanced approach to risk gives schools permission to expand children’s play and learning opportunities.

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