Coaching Week 1: Buying your domain, hosting, and blog setup

So the first week of this coaching program involves buying your domain, web hosting, and then setting up your blog. These are the very basic starting steps for anyone new in the internet marketing niche.

The first step is to decide on your domain name. The coach suggests to try to find a domain with your own name. The idea behind this is that you are trying to develop a web presence. If you use your name for your domain, it is much easier for people to find you on Google, and once you get your name out there, you will be building an authority image.

There are lots of places to find a domain. I have used,, and most recently, name It is wise to keep your hosting and domain names in two different companies to prevent one company from controlling your entire business in case something happens.

If you cannot find a domain that matches your name because they have been taken, then you must get a little creative. You could put a hyphen between your first and last name, or you could put your name with “blog” at the end. Try to keep as close to your name as possible. When you found a domain that suits you, purchase it right then and there. If you wait and come back, someone else may snap it up and put it up for sale at a much higher price!

Once you have done that, you need to decide on hosting. This is where things get a little tricky. There are many web hosting companies as well and it gets really tough deciding on who to go with. Also, which plan should you start with? For now, I am going to recommend you start with a basic shared plan. That will be good enough to get started until you get a few sites under your belt.

As far as which host to go with, D9 Web Hosting is the company the coach recommends due to the fact the people running it are/were internet marketers themselves, so they know the market they are serving well. I also heard their support is really good, which is important when you are new – and even when you are experienced! I have used HostGator in the past, which I can’t say I have had any problems with them personally, but I have read a lot of horror stories from other experienced marketers.

I most recently signed up with for a reseller account. I primarily did that due to an awesome promotion they were running, so I took advantage of it. Cannot give a review of that one yet since I just signed up. To make a long story short, find one you can afford with good support.

Finally, once we bought our hosting, we made the necessary changes to our domain DNS settings from the DNS addresses given to us by our hosting company. Then we proceeded to install WordPress by going into our Web host cpanel and clicking on Fantastico to install our first blog. Since I already started this blog before the class, I started a new one in the fitness niche at

If you want to stay informed of new blog posts, please sign up for my blog on the right side of this page. In the next post, I will cover the lessons for week 2! Thanks for reading!

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