Finally Launched My First Digital Product…Yayyyy!

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Where have I been?  Check out the video above if you already haven’t done so.  I know it has been awhile since my last blog, but I will try to keep this one short.

I have been spending most of my time since the Niche Hair Show in November editing the video that I shot at the show.  That took longer than I had expected.  Editing video is a long and tedious process.  I created nearly four hours of digital content and created a preview and trailer video.

I was not sure how to deliver the content, so I had to do a little research to come up with a solution.  I found a great new theme called Profits Theme, which allows you to create a blog, Sales Pages, Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, etc. all without having to do a lot of complicated coding.  I also wanted to be able to stream the videos from a web page, sort of like Netflix.

I think you would agree it looks pretty good.  The other great thing it allows you to do is create Membership sites without having to buy additional costly plugins, such as Wishlist or Digital Access Pass.  Even though they say you can create pages in minutes, it still took me a looonnngggg time getting everything to work right – and yet I still have things I need to tweak!

Now I need to spend more time building my list and driving traffic to the trailer video to help drive sales.  I kinda did it backwards, but at least I got my first product done!  They say the first one is the hardest – I hope so.  This one was a lot of work!  I did enjoy the process, even though things did not always work out the way I wanted.

One challenge I had was learning how to optimize the trailer video so that Google and Youtube will rank it high.  I may have found something that helps with optimizing video, but will have to wait and see how well the video ranks over time.

With a limited-time offer price of only $12, I think I priced the membership to view the videos at at a very reasonable price.  Now I pray that enough people will join!  The show video is so entertaining, I think even a non-hairdresser that loves beauty and fashion would love to see these videos.

Please feel free to offer any feedback or suggestions.  Thanks for reading!

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