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GetResponse Autoreponder Review Video

Many people have been asking me lately what email software I use to communicate with my customers.  I have tried several different ones over the past few years, but the one that I have been the most satisfied with is GetResponse.

GetResponse Vs. Aweber

GetResponse is considered to be one of the two top auto responders on the market, the other being Aweber.  They are both excellent services, but from my research it seems that GR offers more features and technology for the money.  To start, GR is actually $4 less than Aweber.  Below is a short explainer video that gives you the main features and power of how to build your list with GR:

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So, how does GR compare with Aweber?  The latter has been around longer, but lately, GR has caught up with Aweber and surpassed it in features and technological capabilities.  To get another viewpoint from someone that has used both, here is a short video I found that will further help answer that question:

Like he said, if you already have Aweber and are happy with it, then there probably is not reason enough to switch.  However, if you don’t already have an auto responder, then I would highly recommend start with the $15 starter plan with GR.  You will only pay more when your list reaches past your initial starting package.

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GetResponse has an easier interface that allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful newsletters.  It contains dozens of pre-done templates that can be easily edited to fit your needs.  GR users also have at their disposal 1000 iStock Photos that can be used royalty-free, which can be a huge savings.

The most important question is, “Does GR have everything you need to grow your list?”  The answer to me is a most definite YES!

If you are ready to give GR a try, please click on my link below.  As a special bonus to my customers, if I get a good response to this offer, I will be doing several training videos/webinars to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.  So go ahead, click on the link below!

>>>>CLICK HERE To Try GETResponse<<<<

Thanks for reading!

Rich Rose

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