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How To Easily Create Awesome Business Cards and Other Graphics Using The Business Card Creator – Review

Have you ever needed some great ideas on a business card design or other graphics, but what was available left a lot to be desired? Yeah, me too. That is why I am writing this review, “How To Easily Create Awesome Business Cards and Other Graphics Using The Business Card Creator – Review.”

In my off-line job, I sell wholesale beauty supplies to salons, and the original business cards I started with have been exhausted. I never liked those business cards because they were the usual drab, boring looking ones with a plain white background with embossed print – you know, the ones with a single color. So in my quest to find the ideal business card design, I started looking on-line. After searching lots of different sites, there just was not much out there that suited my needs.

Then I came across an ad that was promoting this new software that allows you to create these amazing looking business cards. Its by a company called, Laughingbird Software. I thought the name was catchy, but more importantly, the guy that runs the company, Marc Sylvester, has created many different add-on paks that utilizes the core program, The Logo Creator. They have been in business for several years and from what I can tell, he continues to improve the products he creates.

Rather than tell you what this amazing software can do, I decided to create my first-ever video review. Click on the video below to watch:

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So what did you think? Please comment below.

Here is how my business card turned out:

Created with The Business Card Creator
Created with The Business Card Creator

If you liked what the software can do, just click on the image below to get your copy.


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‘Til next time,

Richard Rose

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