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Here are the videos to the Model Call, which I believe you will enjoy the main show more if you watch these first.


Model Call & Prep, Part 1


Model Call & Prep, Part 2


Model Call & Prep, Part 3


Model Call & Prep, Part 4


Here is the main show…enjoy!

Niche Cut & Color Show Live! at the Alhambra Dinner Theater


Here are your Bonus Videos!

These are the videos from the follow-up hands-on class with Anthony Edge.  It does not contain the morning portion, but this was the best part – 10 hairdressers doing 10 different styles chosen from the 2014 Look Book Collection.  Please remember, this is no substitute to actually attending live, but this will hopefully provide some inspiration and give you some new ideas to apply to your clients.  Enjoy!


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Never  Released Anthony Edge Cutting Show Video From the Taming of the ‘Do 2 

This video was filmed at the Shakespeare Theater in Orlando, Florida for our Taming of the ‘Do 2 Show with Anthony Edge.  The new 2013 Label m Collection is featured in this show.  Anthony performs 3 cuts and showcases the rest of the collection with previously done models.  (Total run time is about 1 1/2 hours.)

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Never  Released Irvine & Louise Rusk Cutting Show Video From the Taming of the ‘Do 2 

After spending nearly 10 years in retirement, Irvine & Louise Rusk graced our stage for the first time at the Taming of the ‘Do 2 Show in Orlando, FL.  An industry icon, Irvine pioneered the Rusk method of cutting and created leading edge cutting tools, such as the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Blades.  He also built Rusk Haircare into one of the biggest and most recognized brands in the industry.  The styles he created were cutting edge and many considered him to be far ahead of his time.

In this show, Irvine talks about the hair business and presents the new “Be-Spoke Collection” while Louise does the cutting.  (Total run time is about 40 minutes.)

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