My New Internet Marketing Coaching Program

Hey everyone,

I’m back again after another long spell between blog posts. After releasing my first product, which were mainly beauty videos inside a members area, I realized I needed to learn a lot more about marketing on the internet! I did have some sales with my initial offer, but I did not utilize any kind of affiliate system to drive traffic to my site. Nor did I advertise in any way – not even on Facebook. Really all I did was utilize my customer list.

Even though I know I am smart enough to learn this internet marketing thing on my own, I just cannot afford to waste a lot of money and time trying to figure it all out. I mean really, it is like a giant maze when you step back and look at all the options! Not to mention, just when you get focused on one thing, another shiny object, such as new software, a new trick, the latest and great doo dad thinga-ma-jig, etc. diverts your attention away from your goals. And they all seem so great, that you don’t want to miss out on the launch special, so you won’t have to pay the higher price later! Is this you too?

What’s a newbie to do? Most just keep buying more products and getting more lost by the day and never making any money. I personally am sick of tired of being sick and tired of not making money, when I should be like the other guys making money off of product launches of my own!

My solution…which I pray is the right decision…was hire a coach. I know you are wondering who it is, right? Well, I would like to tell you, but since I am only in the first week of coaching, it is too early to do a review. I could not with good conscience recommend something I do not know that much about. It would be a fake review like so many you see out there…and I am not going to be like that.

My intention is to give it to you straight with everything I do. If you follow me on my journey, you will get to see what I am learning, what works and what doesn’t. So this blog is going to be sort of like a diary for awhile, or at least for as long as I am part of the program.

I will tell you this, though. The guy teaching this program has become very successful himself and is highly regarded in the internet marketing world with lots of successful students. I hope I am his next one!

‘Til next time,

Rich Rose

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