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N.I.C.H.E. – Nvision.Inspire.Create.Hair.Event.



I guess you’re wondering what the title of this blog post is all about?  Well, do you remember the hair show that I have been working on for Jacksonville in November?  This is the name I came up with for the event.

The more I thought about it, I wanted to come up with a cool name for the show – not just for this show, but possibly as a brand name or image so that other shows like this one could follow a similar format.  When stylists see the N.I.C.H.E. brand, I want them to identify with that show as a quality event.

The ticket sales for this show have been impressive!  In less than 2 weeks, I have solid over 100 tickets, with no brochures to show!  Up until this past week, I did not even have a web page for customers to go to.  I think this may be a personal record for me, and maybe even a company record!

There are several reasons why I think ticket sales have been so good.  First off, the Alhambra Dinner Theater is an awesome venue to do a show, and with dinner included with a ticket price of only $55, that’s hard to beat!  Another reason is the talent that is being featured.

Anthony Edge is one of the most entertaining and talented hair artists doing shows, and the fact that is he is part of the Global Label m Artistic Team, makes him a very popular artist!  If that wasn’t enough, bringing in Kaaral USA’s Education Director, Paul Smith, to do the color adds the icing on the cake, so to speak.  And wait until they see what is new in hair color!

Lastly, I just think Jacksonville is hungry for a quality, local show.  Many have commented that November is just too late in the year to put on a show, since it would be too close to the holidays.  Well…sorry…I’ve just proved that theory wrong! If you give the customer what they need or want, they will buy it if they see the value or if it fills a need.

As we get closer to the show date, I will post updates.  If you want to find out more about the show or look at the page I created, just click on the following link:


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