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Niche Research and Finding A Domain Name

Niche Research and How To Find A Domain Name


niche research

If you are new to internet marketing, your first task is to determine what niche you want to focus on.  Many people have trouble with this, as did I.  This is why niche research is so important.

It really is not that hard to do.  We just seem to make it more complicated than it really is.  If you are going to be successful at internet marketing, you must focus on one thing until you become successful at it.  If don’t do proper niche research and you try to do several different niches all at once, you will soon find yourself frustrated and jumping from one niche to another, never really accomplishing anything.  I know this from experience.

You see, I have three different blogs covering as many niches:  fitness, beauty, and internet marketing.  You know what happened?  I lost my focus!  And what worse, I’m not making any money from them!  I intend to change that now by focusing my efforts on this blog until I become successful at internet marketing.

So now that you know how important it is to get clarity with your niche, how then do you determine what niche is a good one?  Simple.  Look for where the traffic is going by doing a little niche research, and you will find great niches.

Niche Research Methods

One way to find a popular niche is to use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool.  Just click on the following link:

Google Keyword Planner Tool

Now all you need to do is sign up for a free account.  Once you’ve done that, click on Keyword Planner and do a search for keywords or niches that you have interest in.

This reminds me of a very important point in choosing a niche.  Make sure it is something that interests you, or else you most likely will not do well in it, or you will quickly lose interest.

Here is an example of a search I did in the “make money online” niche:

Niche Research with Google Keyword Planner Tool
Using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool

As you can see from the screenshot, the views on this one tops over a million views per month!  A good niche will have several hundred thousand views.

A good rule of thumb when choosing your domain name is to try to find an exact match for your domain using those keywords with lots of views.  That way when people are searching for those keywords, your domain name will show higher in the search rankings.

Another niche research method is to visit forums, such as The Warrior Forum to see what niches are discussed the most.  The most talked about niches are going to have very high search volumes.

What about Magazines?  They tend to put their focus on the most popular subjects.  Do a search for the best selling magazines and you will soon discover many possible niches.

A really great niche research resource is  Do a search for books in the niche you are interested in.  If you see lots of choices in the same niche, then chances are good that it is a popular niche with lots of traffic.  Searching here will also give you great ideas for titles of your blogs, which will help drive traffic to you if you pick high-traffic subjects and / or niches.

Yet another great resource is  This is a very popular marketplace for people selling their digital products.  Once there, click on Marketplace at the top menu bar.  For example, try searching for Diet and Weight loss in the search bar, or click on the sidebar menu to the left and then click on Health &  Fitness, and keep clicking until you get to Diet and Weight loss.

In the product description, there is an indicator called “Gravity” that signifies how well a product is selling.  A gravity of 30 or more is a good selling product.  Check out the screenshot below to see the gravity of this product:


niche research
The Venus Factor Product on Clickbank

Do you see the gravity on this one?  That is such a high gravity, which signifies that this company is making some major moola!  Needless to say, this shows not only is this a great product to sell, but also the weight loss niche is in particular is a very popular and highly competitive niche to go into.

Just like, JVZoo is growing in popularity and may even surpass as the top marketplace for marketers.  You can do a search in their marketplace and come up with the most popular products listed for sale, which again, will give you really good clues as to the best niches to be in.

Once you’ve thoroughly done your niche research, try to narrow that down into further sub-niches.  This will give you a laser-focused niche and a clear direction in your marketing and end results.

Hopefully I’ve given you some good tips on how to do niche research.  The next step is to do a domain name search to see if the keyword you’ve chosen is available for purchase.

One other thing I need to mention.  Make sure your domain name is as short as possible, preferably two or three words at most, with no hyphens.  If you can’t keep it to three, then go for as short of a name as possible that is as close or exact to your keywords.  Oh, and make sure it is a dot com if possible.  This is the most popular and most searched for extension type.

Below is a new tool I have added to my website to make it easier to find an available domain name.  Just enter the name you are looking for in the box below:





If you need additional ideas on finding a domain name, then use this nifty keyword generator tool below to help you come up with more ideas, and at the same time, it searches whether or not they are available for purchase.




Once you find a domain you like, click on the Register button right then.  Do not wait to buy your domain!  If you don’t buy it now, you may be very sorry you didn’t!  What happens is, domain companies and “domain collectors” can track which domains are being searched for and they often will snatch them up and resell them at much higher prices!

I personally use as my favorite domain provider.  They have a stellar reputation and provide domains at reasonable prices with great service.  Here are their features as stated on their website:

DNS Performance

We provide a set of DNS servers spread across the US and Europe to deliver highly reliable DNS service. Our Dynamic DNS takes care of a dynamically changing IP address and keeps your site running with no downtime. URL and email forwarding are also included at no extra charge.

Solid Security

Every eligible domain registered at Namecheap comes with one free year of WhoisGuard privacy protection service ($2.88 value) and a one-year Comodo PositiveSSL certificate for just $1.99. Also included: Registrar lock, grant modification rights and security notifications via email.

Flexible Control

Domain management is easy with our collection of useful features. You’ll be able to make quick, straightforward changes with our advanced control panel. Customizable parking page, nameserver registration and domain push feature are included with every domain registration. 


We’re here for you! Every product we sell is backed by the Namecheap quality guarantee. And our support staffers are some of the nicest, most knowledgeable people in the industry – they’re available 24/7 to answer your questions. 

Be careful not to be lured in by too-good-to-be-true offers that you may see from time-to-time promoting $0.99 domain registations!  I made this rookie mistake myself.  You may think you are getting a great deal, but the truth is, they will get you the following year with higher priced domain renewals and other fees.

Since they are renewed automatically, before you can react to the higher fee, your subscription has already been renewed.  Once you purchase your domain, you will forget about it until renewal time.  Go with a reputable company, such as

I hope I provided you with enough information on how to do niche research to find your ideal niche and domain name.  What did you think of my new domain finder tool?  

Please comment below and let me know what you think of this blog post.  Also, please sign up to get notified of my next and future blog posts and to get my FREE e-book, “20 Ways To Make An Online Income.”

‘Til next time, “FOCUS, Stay The Course, and NEVER GIVE UP!


Rich Rose

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