Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge: My Dream Lifestyle

Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Dream Lifestyle
Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Dream Lifestyle

The Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge is a less technical challenge than the first week's challenge. The first week involved getting a domain name, signing up for hosting, installing WordPress, and setting up the blog. Since I already had a blog, all I needed to do was write my first blog post for the challenge.

On this week’s call, Dean emphasized the importance of really understanding why you want to make money in internet marketing. Making a lot of money is not a good enough reason to keep you going when things get tough. Yes, we all want and need money. But what is it that will drive you until you achieve success?

Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge

This weeks challenge is less technical, but involves more deep thinking. Dean asked us this week to come up with what our dream lifestyle would be like. How much money would we want to make to achieve that lifestyle? After really thinking about this, it is really tough to put this into words. At the time of this writing, I am 56 years old. It is tough to imagine an extravagant dream lifestyle at this stage of my life.

After several years of struggling to build my offline business selling beauty supplies for The Salon Center, I’m finally making a comfortable living with my offline sales business.

Quick Start Challenge Week 2

I’ve been dabbling in internet marketing for years, never really making any money online. The primary reason for that is lack of focus and “bight shiny object syndrome.” I’ve purchased lots of software tools over the years that have definitely helped me build my offline business, so to me, its been well worth it. I’ve learned a lot and have built online assets, such as my YouTube channel.

Accumulation of Debt

Quick Start Challenge Week 2

Similar to Dean, I have accumulated lots of debt when my business was going through growing pains. To top it off, I have a 15 year old son with Autism. He is attending a special needs school that costs about $3500 per month, which is more than many people make in a month! He also requires special meds, supplements, foods, and medical attention. He is also destructive at times, which often requires extra home maintenance from damages.

Monthly Monetary Requirements

Here is a rough estimate of what I need to bring in each month just to pay the bills:

  • Mortgage: $850
  • Auto payments: $550
  • Utilities: $600
  • Food: $700
  • Insurances: $400
  • Cell Phones: $150
  • School: $3500
  • Gas: $260
  • Cable/Internet: $150
  • Misc Things: $250

All of these things added up comes to around $7500-$8000! Some months are more, some less. Bottom line, it’s a big number!

Quick Start Challenge Week 2

So my first initial “why“ for the Quick Start Challenge Week 2 is being able to cover my current bills and provide what my son needs to function as an adult. My wife has been asking for a pool for therapy for my son. So I will say that will be the next thing on the list. Probably looking at $20,000 to get one put in. That’s just a guess.

A newer house with a quest house, 4 car garage, and pool would be another goal I would like to shoot for as my Dream Lifestyle. Or a vacation home on the beach. Maybe in the Caribbean somewhere. Or a nice cabin in the mountains.

My current job is really providing enough income to meet my needs for now. I want to start paying off my debt first. The real challenge for me is going to be to continue growing my offline business as well as spending enough “productive time” focusing on building an online business.

Due to my circumstances, retirement is out of the question. So my goal is to build an online business that will allow me to cover our expenses and have enough left over to go on vacations whenever we want and live a comfortable lifestyle.

Quick Start Challenge Week 2

My Initial Goal

I believe in setting smaller goals to build on larger goals. My first small stepping stone goal is to be making $100 per day. At this point I’m not sure how I will accomplish this, other than staying the course and never quitting. One of my favorite motivational speakers is Jim Rohn. I think he is one of the greatest motivational speakers of his time. Here is a rare video I found on setting goals.

Jim Rohn – Importance Of Setting Goals

Once I reach this goal consistently, my next step will be to reach $10,000 per month income. This will basically replace my current income if I ever chose to leave it, which is

doubtful. An extra $10k will allow us to live a very comfortable life.

My Ultimate Goal For Quick Start Challenge Week 2

My very ultimate goal once the $10k is reached would be to achieve $30k plus per month. At this point, I will be able to buy what we want, go where we want, whenever we want. It may not make since to keep my offline job at this level, so will consider doing most of it part time or virtually.

Hopefully with the guidance of this group coaching program, I will be able to make consistent progress day-by-day, month-by-month. I’m sure my goals will change, especially my Dream Lifestyle. You know the old saying, “the more you have, the more you want!”

If you are interested in following my progress, sign up for my newsletter. I plan on making a new post each week documenting my progress. If you missed last weeks post, just Click Here. Thanks for reading!

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