Quick Start Challenge Week 4: Creating Autoresponder Series

Quick Start Challenge Week 4
Setting Up The Autoresponder Sequence

Quick Start Challenge Week 4 Challenge

The Quick Start Challenge Week 4 Challenge is to set up our autoresponder series of follow-up emails with at least 7 follow-up emails.

If you read my previous post, last week we set up our 2 step opt-in funnel. If you missed it, CLICK TO READ IT NOW.

Once our subscriber is added to our list, they need to be nurtured with regular emails. Since they do not know who we are, we need to get them to Know, Like, and Trust us.

Most people do not buy from someone they do not know, like, or trust. Some of the emails in this automated series should also contain a call-to-action link. This is how we can make money even while we are sleeping.

Follow-Up Emails

How you set up your follow-up emails will vary depending on the Autoresponder service you are using. Just watch the video tutorials from your service provider. Once you do the first one, it’s the same for all the others. You might prefer to write the actual message using your favorite word processor first. That way you can copy and paste them into The Autoresponder all at once. The other benefit is you will have another copy in case your email gets accidentally deleted.

On our Quick Start Challenge Week 4 webinar, Dean Holland recommended writing the emails in your own voice. Write them as if you are having a conversation with your reader.

Start off by thanking the subscriber for joining your list. Tell them about yourself so they can get to know who you are. Talk about your experiences. Try to engage the reader with something interesting in your life.

My first 3 email follow-ups were telling the reader about me and my experience as a sales rep and how I got started in internet marketing. In my third email, I put a link to an inspirational video as my call to action. At this point, I’m not trying to sell anything.

How To Set Up A Winning Autoresponder Series

When I was doing my research on how to best create your 7 Day Autoresponder Sequence, I found this video by Pat Flynn that shows you how to set up a winning Autoresponder Series. This is how it’s done!

So are YOU ready to create your winning 7 day follow-up emails? I just finished mine tonight, which completes my Quick Start Challenge Week 4 challenge.

I opted in to my squeeze page to see if my Autoresponder is going to work properly. I won’t know until tomorrow if it does, but I’m confident it will.

Looking forward to our last week’s challenge which will be covering traffic. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss getting notified when I post the next one!

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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