Quick Start Challenge Week 5: Testimonial

It seems like time has flown by, but we are already on the Quick Start Challenge Week 5: Testimonial. Dean Holland spends most of this week's webinar talking about traffic.

Quick Start Challenge Week 5

Types Of Traffic

There are basically two types of traffic: Organic traffic (what most marketers call free traffic) and Paid traffic.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is achieved by creating content and sharing it on social media, YouTube, and other sites. This content can be used to drive traffic from Google and other search engines. What at first seems like free is not really free. You still have to spend your time creating content and doing all the work that's required to help the search engines find your content. In the Quick Start Challenge Week 5, Dean encourages new students to start with getting free traffic.

There are three basic types of free content you can create to get free traffic: written, video, or audio. You should publish content in the form that is best suited for the type of audience you are trying to attract. Just know this is a slow process and it could take time to achieve descent results. The main benefit is everything you publish has compounding effects. Once it’s out there, it keeps growing the more you publish.

Methods Of Free Traffic

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing (YouTube)
  • Podcasting
  • Forum Marketing

One of the methods Dean has used in the past was Forum Marketing. He went on to say that it is not as easy or as effective as it used to be, but he still recommended it as a free traffic method. Dean suggested asking to join forums that are in your niche. Look for posts in the forums that you can offer helpful comments on. When you do this, your website is added to the signature section of the post. This will lead people back to your website.

My personal preference is doing video marketing on YouTube. I created a channel in the beauty niche that supports my offline business. You can see My YouTube Channel By Clicking Here.

I have found this method to work well, especially when customers are searching for my products on Google. Since Google owns YouTube, they tend to show up in the search rankings with proper SEO.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is exactly what it sounds like. You pay money to a service, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, etc. to get people to click on your ads. Not all traffic is created equal. Even with paid traffic, there are no guarantees.

Dean always suggest you test small, and scale slow. It can be tricky to be successful with ads. It takes time to learn. So test with small amounts of money. When it’s working well, then scale up. There are many options of paid traffic available. Do only one and learn to do it well! Don’t try to do more than one, because you can set yourself up to lose money. Learning just one of them can get you all the traffic you need.

What To Expect

In the Quick Start Challenge Week 5, Dean says you need to have realistic expectations with paid traffic. You will having winning campaigns. You will have losing campaigns. And you can have very profitable campaigns. Only risk an amount of money you can afford to lose. Don’t take stupid risks! If you do, you will surely lose money.

Methods Of Paid Traffic

  • Facebook Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Solo Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Ads

Paid traffic is the best way to grow and scale your business. You also have more control with paid traffic than with free traffic methods.

Quick Start Challenge Week 5 Traffic Battleplan

If you cannot yet afford to buy paid traffic, then begin with free methods. Work on them every day and implement them. Take any money you make and save it to invest in paid traffic. While working on free methods, learn at least one paid traffic method. When the funds become available, start using your desired paid traffic method and scale it as it becomes successful. Eventually the plan is to replace the free traffic methods with the paid traffic methods.

Siphon Free Traffic From Facebook

Step #1: Grow A Targeted Audience Of People

Look for people that are looking for products like yours that can help them solve their problem.

Step #2: Get People To Raise Their Hand

Get people to come forward and express interest without you having to sell anything. Ask questions that pinpoint what they are trying to solve.

Step #3: Respond To Their Request

Rather than just trying to sell them something, respond by giving more value back to them. Provide more free content, such as a link to your blog or a free e-book.

Your Business Plan

  • Continue focusing on driving traffic to your capture page to build your list of subscribers. Start with Free Traffic then gradually convert to Paid Traffic.
  • Ensure your leads are being followed up with daily with value driven content and promotions with offers that can help them.
  • Blog weekly and share with your list to nurture the relationship.

Quick Start Challenge Week 5 Testimonial

I thought the final challenge would involve driving traffic. But not anywhere close. The final challenge is to get in front of the camera and make a testimonial video with the title, “Quick Start Challenge Testimonial.” So we all had to get out of our comfort zones and do this video if we wanted to complete the final challenge.

If you are like me, talking to a camera is not easy to do. I’m not a natural in front of a camera like some people. Sometimes it takes several or many takes just to make one video. I actually did several takes with this challenge, but ended up choosing the first video anyway. So here is what I thought of Dean Holland and Craig Crawford’s Quick Start Challenge 2018:

So how‘d I do? If you are thinking about joining their next class (if there is one), hopefully I’ve helped you make a potentially life-changing decision.

Thats all for now. It’s getting late and I need my beauty sleep ;). Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe!

Till next time,

Rich Rose

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