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If you are like me, you probably have never heard of Story Chief. Just as I was just starting to get back into blogging again, I saw this promotion for a new tool. Story Chief makes it easy to create your blog content and share it automatically to other content platforms, such as your website and social media.

Story Chief

The Problem With WordPress

If you are just starting out with blogging, you are probably discovering that it can be difficult to get your blog looking good with the WordPress editor. Using a page builder will help make your blog look better. There is much more to it than that though.

When you are writing, you don't want alot of distractions and page clutter like you get in the WordPress editor. This is what I mean:

Story Chief

When you are writing in Story Chief, you get a very clean interface without alot of distractions. I am writing this very post using Story Chief. Here is a screenshot:

Cloud Based

Doesn't that look so much cleaner and easy on the eyes? The other thing I forgot to mention is Story Chief is a cloud-based app, so it works on any device with an internet connection. It works best on a laptop. I have found a few glitches that happen when I try to write on my Galaxy Note 8.

Auto Save Feature

When you are working in WordPress, you have to be sure to remember to save your work every few minutes. With Story Chief, it autosaves every few seconds! The autosave feature will save you alot of heartache if something happens as you are writing. I've lost an entire blog article once when I forgot to save. That hurts having to start over again!

Correct Layout Design

With Story Chief, your content will always stay in the correct layout no matter what device or platform you are on. So you don't have to worry about formatting issues anymore. You can also add links to words, Bold, Italic, Indent, and add bullet points like you can in WordPress.

Add Rich Media

You can easily add images, videos, and social media posts. Check out this post from my Instagram account. Are you old enough to remember this?

Story Chief SEO and Readability Module

If you want your blog to be seen by others, you have to give Google what it wants. Often times when you are writing, you are not thinking about how Google wants you to write. I like to write with my content in mind.

What I have found really helpful is the SEO and Readability checker that is included in Story Chief's app. As you are writing your blog, you can click on SEO or Readability at the top left of your screen. Next to those words you will find either a red, orange, or green bubble. If its red, your SEO needs correcting. It will give you a score as to how well you are doing. It also tells you exactly what you need to do as shown in the following image:

Story Chief

Automatic Multiplatform Distribution

Once you get your blog written, the goal is to get it out to as many platforms as possible. The more platforms, the more chances people will read your post. What's great about Story Chief is you can select many different platforms to share your blog post. In addition to social media, it will post to your blog site, Medium, Blogger, and Story Chief's own blog platform.

Here is a list of some of the current platforms supported:


If you have a team of writers, you can even have other people collaborate on your blogpost! This makes it easy to get others to help you create blog content.

Free Trial

If you are not totally convinced yet, why don't you give it a try free for 14 days? Just click on the image below to start your free trial. Just to be totally transparent, that is my affiliate link and I will get a small commission for purchasing through me. I greatly appreciate it. But just know that I do not promote anything that I do not own my self and believe in.

Story Chief

I hope you decide to give it a try. I'm glad I did. It has made blog writing so much easier and enjoyable. By the way, the Pro plan is the way to go since it has more useful features. I have not included pricing since it may change. You can start with the free plan to start.

Good luck on your blog and thanks for reading. Let me know if you have questions. I will also make a video and post that to this blog when I get it done.

Till next time,

Rich Rose

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