Week 4: How To Link Social Media To Your Blog!

Welcome back!  Even though I am a little behind on my internet marketing blog, I will spend the next couple of days catching up.  I am now working on week 6 of the coaching that I am attending.  It has taken a lot of time to keep up with the weekly training and doing work on two blogs!  I asked for it, didn’t I?  I will have to say it has been great staying on a structured course of weekly training and tasks to complete!  My blogs are coming together nicely.  Now on to Week 4!

Week 4 is all about connecting your blog to all of the social media accounts that you belong to.  The reason for this is that when someone finds your blog,  and should they become interested in connecting with you on say, Facebook for instance, if set up properly, they can just click a button on your page and it takes them directly to your Facebook page.  What this does is help you build an online presence.

If you have not already set up any social media accounts, this will take a little time to set all of them up.  You can do as many as you feel comfortable with, but you should at least do the most popular which are:facebookyoutubetwittergoogle+linkedinpinterest

In addition to those, on this blog I have also included Skype and an RSS feed.  When you set up your social media accounts, it would be helpful to have each one in its own browser tab so that you can refer back to them quickly when needed.


The first thing we need to do after the social media accounts are set up is upload social media icons into your media area.  These are just little graphical buttons that represent the various social media platforms.  You can have these created for you or you may find them in many graphics packages online.  All you need to do to upload them is Click on Media > Add New > Select Files > then click Open.  The files will then be uploaded to your media center.

Next, you will need to download a file called, “Top Sidebar Code,” which basically is lines of code that is pre-written that allows us to insert bits of account info from the social media accounts that we intend to use and allow us to display the media icons on our sidebar.  Once you download it, open it up in a text editor.  Go to your social media account, lets use Twitter for example, and find your Twitter account info.  Copy the Twitter profile url, then past it where it goes in the appropriate sidebar code area for Twitter (Link To Twitter).

Once that is done, then we need to go to our Media, find the Twitter Button icon, highlight the button url, copy, then past that info in the section that says, “Link To Twitter Button.”  Repeat this procedure for all of your social media accounts that you have buttons for.  Once that is done, then you are going to save the newly revised Top Sidebar Code in your text editor.  Then highlight the entire paragraph of code.

The next step is to add the code to our blog.  To do this, go to Appearance > Widgets, then find a Text widget.  Click on the widget, click Add Widget, then drag it to your sidebar section.  Past your code in to the body, and if you care to, put something in the Title area, then click on Save.  Then you can drag your widget wherever you want it to appear on the sidebar.  Next, view your blog to see if the icons are displaying properly.  You may have to adjust the column width of your sidebar in order to make the icons line up properly.  Then you will want to click on each icon to make sure they all connect to their respective accounts.

One of the things we did not go over is how to set up your comments.  To do this, go to OptimizePress > Blog Settings > Modules > Comments System.  Once there, you will be presented with a choice of either Facebook or WordPress comments.  You will have to chose between one or the other and must stick with that choice.  It is not recommended to use both.  Wordpress comments is preferred over Facebook, so that is what I chose.

That will wrap up Week 4 training.  If you are enjoying my posts, please comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE to get updates when published.  Thanks!

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