What I Did Today – Beach!


This is going to be a short post today, since it is Saturday and I am writing this lying in bed with my son trying to get him to sleep.

After a long and tough week, me and my son John slept in a little late today…well, only until 9 am. My wife slept until about 12 pm…but that is another story! So, we had a bit of a lazy morning and early afternoon.

I worked a little on my company’s website to prepare a marketing piece for an upcoming show we are putting together for November 18th at the Alhambra Dinner Theater in Jacksonville, Florida. More on that in future posts…

After my wife woke up from her deep sleep, I fixed her a late breakfast and me and John both had some lunch. Since the weather has been so hot and humid here, we decided this would be a great day to go to the beach. So we packed everything in the van and headed out for Mickler’s Landing in Ponte Vedra Beach, a popular public access area with restrooms, showers, and a nice wooden walk that crosses over the dunes.

We arrived there at about 4 pm after a 45 minute ride. The weather was absolutely perfect for the beach! Hardly any clouds, a nice breeze, and nearly perfect water temperature. The tide was out when we got there, which is my favorite time to be there, since there are not many shells to step on.

The only thing that was not so nice was the muddy looking surf that we often get here. This was in stark contrast to Ponce Inlet, which is where we went last Saturday for the 4th Annual Surfers for Autism. That water was crystal clear with that aqua green look. Next Saturday we will be at the next Surfers for Autism at the Flagler Beach pier. Hopefully for the kids, the weather will be perfect for them.

Even though the water was not pretty today, my son thoroughly enjoyed challenging the waves as they came in! He loves the beach so much, it is tough to get him out. He is a natural swimmer, meaning, he pretty much taught himself to swim. He seems to have no fear, and the “deep end” has no meaning to him. We tried getting him to surf, but he was more interested in being in the water instead of on a surf board!

Stay tuned for a future post of a video showing John and the other kids surfing at the Surfers for Autism. For anyone out there that wants to participate this weekend or at other future dates, go to their website at https://www.surfersforautism.org.




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